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Zeed Meyer | Attorney


Before I became a lawyer, I experienced the heartbreak of receiving inadequate and unsupportive legal representation. That experience is something I strive to ensure never happens for my clients. As a professional, I pride myself on handling your matter in a timely and effective manner, and I will do so with empathy and compassion for you and your situation. 

My reputation for competence balanced with compassion is built on a steadfast commitment to providing clients with legal expertise and fierce representation while treating colleagues with respect and following through on my commitments. I earned my law degree from Gonzaga Law School in 2009 and was admitted to practice law in the State of Washington in June 2010. 

I strive to engage in trauma-informed lawyering. Trauma-informed lawyering is an intentional way of practicing law that recognizes that trauma can affect the lawyer-client relationship. The goal of a trauma-informed law practice is to reduce re-traumatization in the course of providing legal services as part of a lawyer-client relationship. Trauma-informed lawyering recognizes that the legal system itself may have caused or exacerbated client trauma. It recognizes the potential to engage with the legal system in ways that do not create additional trauma through the implementation of trauma-informed practices within the lawyer-client relationship.  

It has always been my goal to practice in the community where I was born, raised, and settled down with my own family. 

Main Practice Areas

Criminal Law

I have 13 years experience in criminal defense work and have participated in over 100 jury trials. I am a zealous advocate, communicative, and strive to have a good relationship with all court officers. 

Estate Planning

I will walk you through the process and help draft documents that preserve your wishes and comply with Washington State law so that there is no question as to what will happen to you and your assets. Estate planning is a gift to your loved ones. It minimizes stress during sad or difficult times by not requiring your people to try and guess what you want.

Uncontested Probate

I will guide you through the process of opening and closing an estate through the court process if the estate you are in charge of needs to go through that process. 

Business Formation and Advising

I can help you figure out what you need to do and how to do it, from simple advising of all your options to specific licensing requirements. I also collaborate with local experts in marketing, communications, social media, and other areas. 

Contract Drafting and Review

Before you sign or offer that contract or proposal, let's look it over and make sure you are not missing something that could negatively affect you and your business. We can work together so that you know your risks and your rights should something go wrong. More importantly, we can make sure your contracts meet your needs and keep you growing in your business. 

Non-Traditional Family Support

Non-traditional families, platonic co-parents, polyamorous families, and other forms of chosen family all deserve legal services and support in order to protect their rights and strengthen the security of the family. While the law has not raced to meet the needs of the present in this area, creative solutions may be found in the areas of estate planning, contract law, and power of attorney.

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